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Author: 1ChillAnimator|Ai-Mo Minister#3687

Coming from one of the darkest squares, they have evolved so much that their technologies are thousands of years more advanced than any of the other tribes’ techs. They have managed to travel to a new using teleportation, where, after destroying the civilastions there, they have teraformed that square to meet their needs. Now, they have come to our Square, prepared to destroy everything, but will they be successful?


Water Factory replaces Aquatism

Bioforming replaces Forestry


Industry replaces Chivalry


Water Factory



replaces name cost health attack defence range movement skills
Catapult Terra Mech 8 12 3 2 2 1 -
Giant Tripod Stage 1 N/A 20 2 2 1 2 Grow 1, Move Enemy
Giant Tripod Stage 2 N/A 25 2 3 1 2 Grow 2, Move Unit
Giant Tripod Stage 3 N/A 30 4 4 1 2 Move Unit, Remove Roads

The Terra Mech is a steam-based bio-machine, and attacks using a jet of boiled water.


Grow 1

Grow 2

Remove Roads

Move Enemy

Move Unit

Spawn Rates

Greatly decreased animals, greatly increased fruit and mountains.


Fruit: Light Herbs, they have a taste that is sweet and also sour, look like pomelos, but are red and glowing.

Forests: Tall birch trees, with a red colored trunk, and very, very light green leaves.

Animals: Pengogs - little animals that look like pigs.

Mountains: Covered with water on the bottom, extremly tall, and some are snow capped.


The TerraMech

A Poartion warrior

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